Tuesday 3 January 2012

Today's Review: Eating A Load Of Junk Before Starting A Diet

One of my "resolutions" as it were is to lose me some weight. Trouble is we had a whole lot of food that is not conducive to that goal. So the past few days has been a veritable eatathon. 2 litre bottles of Coke, chocolate oranges, Cheetos, more chocolate, biscuits, yet more chocolate. For the past few nights I have eaten until I've felt slightly sick.

While eating a bunch of crappy food can feel good, it's not something I'd make a habit of. In this situation it might be a good thing, as I almost don't want to look at chocolate again. The healthy eating can commence, and maybe I can get some exercise thrown into the mix. I'll probably need to, since eating a whole load of chocolate has probably drastically increased the amount of weight I need to lose.

If you're planning on starting a diet, but have remnants of naughty food lying around, do yourself a favour. Throw it away, or better yet, give it away, because binge eating is not the best thing to do before you start on extra healthy diets.

My rating: 2/5

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