Monday 30 January 2012

Today's Review: Running Out Of Meds

Seeing as my MRI results won't be back for another couple of weeks, I am still on the meds prescribed to me quite a while ago now, Amitriptyline. Before I was put on them, I was pretty much getting a constant headache, in addition to a strange sore spot on top of my head. The Amitriptyline deals with the proper headaches though, so it's made life more bearable, apart from the times when I brush the top of my head and it hurts.

Trouble is, I was told to take the pills for six weeks, which should have led me up to my follow up appointment after the scan, but the pharmacist being the wonderful person they were only gave me enough pills for four weeks. There have been some days where I've missed a dose, and it hasn't harmed me too much, but seeing as I've now run out and haven't taken them for a few days, I'm in pain again. Hooray. The solution is, of course, to get an appointment with my doctor and get a repeat prescription. But the problem with doctors in this country is that they don't give a shit about you on the weekends, and on the weekday calling my surgery is like a furious television phone in competition with only a couple of lines open. If you don't start calling at 8am on the dot, chances are you won't get in the queue quick enough to be given an appointment for that day. Not that I've tried to get one yet, I've got that down nicely enough, but I wanted to sleep today instead of sitting with a phone on my ear for ten minutes.

Yes, running out of meds sucks. In my case is causes pain, and it probably does in several other cases too. Still, it's not all that bad. The surgery is just up the road, so when I actually make a concerted effort to get some more pills, I'm sure the process won't be quite as tiring as I made out. But for now, I am a little annoyed.

My rating: 3/5

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