Friday 14 December 2012

Today's Review: Blackcurrant Lemsip

Well, it's winter, and that means it's time for my nasty cold to surface and make me feel like crap for a couple of weeks. Man flu? Possibly. But I'm not lying around and moaning, I'm going to work and doing other things, and moaning. But if there's a medicine I go to when the sore throat begins, it's blackcurrant Lemsip, because I don't like the lemon flavour all that much.

Just look at all that stuff it treats, just think of all the chemicals inside. All in a little tiny sachet. Every time I take a sip, my sore throat stops hurting. Only for a second, but hey, it's something. It tastes pretty nice too, like a cup of hot, healing blackcurrant squash. So before that winter cold hits you full in the face, fend it off with some nice cups of Lemsip, before you lose all hope and resort to snorting Olbas Oil straight from the bottle (other people do that, right?)

My rating: 5/5

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