Sunday 9 December 2012

Today's Review: Door Stops

Man, my door is pretty banged up. I should take better care of my door edges.

Anyway, the door stop is what I'm talking about here. A door stop does exactly what it says, it stops doors. Wedge one of these suckers underneath and your door will stay open, or prevent someone from getting in for a little while. Zombies or murderers after you? No need to drag cupboards or put a chair under the door handle, just grab a door stop. It'll keep them out, guaranteed (absolutely not guaranteed).

But in real life situations, they're pretty useful. My place has quite big fire doors that have closing mechanisms installed, so door stops do pretty well to make sure the door doesn't close on a cat or child who decides to follow me silently out of the room. There's not really a bad thing I can say about them. Sure, I just had to buy some new ones, but when you buy the cheapest you can find, you can't blame them for not working too well after a year. If you want to stop your door, in any direction, you can't go wrong with a door stop.

My rating: 5/5