Thursday 13 December 2012

Today's Review: KFC Gladiator Box Meal

If you think you were manly wolfing down a KFC Big Daddy box, now you have the chance to ascend to the rank of Gladiator with their latest offering. So what sets a Gladiator Box apart from a regular meal? Apparently the ability to eat one more piece of chicken than you normally would. Hey, if that's what Romans considered to be gladiatorial behaviour, I could probably reach the level of God with the amount of chicken I can eat.

Yes, the Gladiator Box is basically a Fully Loaded box with two pieces of chicken instead of one. You can opt to have the burger in a spicy variety, which I did, and that was quite nice. But overall I must say I was disappointed. You can get a Big Daddy box for £5.99 which gives you a towered burger with bacon, plus a large fries and drink. £5.89 for this here box only provides you a normal sized meal, and not even a towered burger. I don't really think that extra piece of chicken is worth it, and the fact that they decided to come up with a whole new name for it makes it seem like they're running out of ideas. Oh well, I still love your Big Daddy and your buckets, KFC. Just actually try something innovative next time. Or just give us the Double Down already, you know you want to.

My rating: 2/5


  1. Awesome review bro

  2. Prices are getting way too high. Sort it out KFC.

  3. I ain't going there bo more heard bout the brain found in the chicken eewww