Saturday, 22 December 2012

Today's Review: Limited Edition Cigarette Packets

So yeah, I've started selling these at work. "Limited Edition" packs of cigarettes, with a new funky logo. Well, seeing as the original logo is a square, anything would be better I suppose. But why would you want to make a limited edition cigarette packet?

There is a certain market for limited editions, I know. Movies come with special versions, steelbook or alternate case art, postcards and the like. Video games have extra content, free figurines, and all kinds of other cool stuff. Stamps have new editions all the time, but stamp collecting certainly is a big thing. Hell, I even understand the limited edition bottles of Gordons we've been selling too, because I have actually heard of people collecting bottles. But cigarette packets? I've never heard of anyone collecting those. You know why? Because they're pieces of cardboard that, when devoid of cigarettes, are widely considered to be rubbish.

What are you going to do with your limited edition cigarette packet? Put it in a special shelf? Probably not. Perhaps it may be a brief conversation starter, with the most boring person on the planet. "Have you seen my cigarettes? Half of it looks slightly different than normal, although the other half is still warning me of my certain demise. Actually, that would be a good idea for the next set of limited edition packs. "Limited gruesome medical warning edition. Collect all 12 cancerous body parts!"

It just all seems a bit stupid. Though I suppose it doesn't do me any harm. Apart from the second hand smoke. Boom boom.

My rating: 1/5

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