Friday 3 October 2014

Today's Review: Boston Baked Beans

Of all the American snacks I've tried over the years, the Boston Baked Bean is one that's avoided me. Until today. I managed to find a packet in Mr. Simms for a mere 50p, and I certainly couldn't pass it up for that price. Basically, this is a tiny box of candy coated peanuts. Why are they called Boston Baked Beans? Well, because they look like baked beans, specifically ones from Boston, apparently. But why peanuts? I don't know, stop asking questions, that's just the way they are. The real question is, do they taste good?

If you're fond of peanut M&Ms you're in familiar territory here. There may be no chocolate involved, but these peanuts are coated in a nice thick layer of crunchy, sugary goodness. The candy is very sweet indeed, and would certainly be too much on its own, but it's nicely counteracted by the taste of the peanuts, and the hard texture of the shell quickly gives way to the softer peanut interior, making it satisfying to chew through as well. I quickly polished off the packet, and I'll probably be picking more up in the future. Boston Baked Beans are a tasty peanut candy treat, and while I did compare them to M&Ms before, they're quite unique in their own right. Sweet, nutty, delicious.

My rating: 5/5

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