Sunday 19 October 2014

Today's Review: Skittles Darkside

Well, that picture is pretty dark, how fitting. Yes, these Skittles are of the "Darkside" variety, which seems to suggest they're dabbling in satanic fruits, but the list of flavours is neither here nor there. We have a "midnight lime" and "pomegranate", but also "forbidden fruit" and "blood orange". Two of those are actual fruits, two are not, so I wasted no time trying to figure out the theme, and delved straight in.

To start with, the "midnight lime" isn't really any different from actual lime. I guess it's hard to find a dark tasting fruit that has a lovely green colour, so they just made it sound brooding. As for the rest, they're actually pretty awesome. The "forbidden fruit" and "dark berry" are something of a mix of flavours, with no particular front runner, but they're definitely tasty, with definite berry tones. The pomegranate is pretty accurate, and very juicy and tasty. My favourite is the blood orange, which is wickedly tangy and flavoursome. It's odd for me to prefer the orange sweets, but it's just a testament to how tasty this pack of Skittles is, as the darker colours are very nice, and the orange is even better. The lime, while not quite original, still fits in with its sour kick, so all in all this is a pack of Skittles well worth picking up.

My rating: 5/5

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