Sunday 12 October 2014

Today's Review: Mango Pez

Pez is a fantastically nostalgic candy for me. I enjoyed it greatly when I was a kid, but then there were many years where I was Pez-less. I don't remember seeing them around in shops much, but upon visiting America six years ago, I found myself snapping up every cool looking Pez dispenser I could find, and revelling in the two packs of candy you get with each one. Now I have amassed a collection of some 30+ Pez dispensers, and have rarely grown tired of the array of original candy flavours that you can fill them with. There have been others, sure, such as the fizzy varieties, or in fact the softer (inferior in my view) American version, but my heart lies with the original, unchanged lineup. Unchanged until now, that is. There is a newcomer to the Pez party, and it's mango flavoured.

Yes, mango, a very tropical twist on what are otherwise quite commonplace fruity flavours. But I do love my tropical flavours, so I was very excited to find these sitting by the till at Primark. In fact, I couldn't even wait to get home and load them into a dispenser, I just ate them out of the packet like a heathen. Thankfully I was rewarded. The flavour hits instantaneously, a fantastically bold, undeniably mango taste, that lasts from start to finish, whether you chew right through the candy or let it linger on the tongue. It's in keeping with the rest of the regular flavours, very fruity and overall quite delicious. The only problem is that when the candy starts to crumble, the flavour wavers a little, becoming a little too intense and somewhat powdery (a problem with all Pez really), but on the whole it's good eating. Mango Pez is a good addition to an already classic lineup, and I hope to see it remain in the future.

My rating: 4/5

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