Friday 24 October 2014

Today's Review: Lindt Fantasmini Ghost

I say this is a Fatasmini, but Tesco seem to think this Halloween offering from Lindt is called a "Ghost Stick", and Ocado concur. But hey, it says "Fantasmini" on the packaging, and it's a much better name, so I'll go for that. This tiny chocolate treat was found amongst the Crunchy Spiders and Screme Eggs, and is a small, cone chocolate on the end of a pumpkin topped stick. It's more of a pretentious looking chocolate lolly, but it certainly looks the part, all dressed up like a ghost.

When I picked this up I wasn't expecting anything special, I figured it was just regular Lindt chocolate (not that the regular stuff isn't nice). Apparently I neglected to read the label, as it clearly states that this is latte, milk and hazelnut chocolate. I'm not sure what latte chocolate is meant to taste like, and to be honest I couldn't really taste anything apart from the hazelnut and a hint of milk. Still, it's a smooth chocolate, in keeping with the quality that Lindt are famous for. Perhaps a bit too nutty for my liking, but certainly not bad. If it were just milk chocolate, I probably would have found it too bland, but as it is, the Fantasmini is a nice little Halloween treat to eat while you look longingly at your Lindt Reindeer. Not long to go...

My rating: 4/5


  1. This looks like a rip off of their Easter carrots to me.

    1. You're right, I feel betrayed. They could have at least tossed in some cinnamon.