Wednesday 22 October 2014

Today's Review: Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis: Exploding Candy

Terry's Chocolate Orange is something of an unwavering classic. There are a few varieties, sure, but at its core it is orange flavoured chocolate, and that's fine by me, because it's damn good orange chocolate. While not exactly the most original taste-wise, the exploding candy Chocolate Orange is one I definitely prefer over the regular, and now you can pick up a bag of mini wedges loaded with the same popping candy.

While you may not get the same satisfaction of smashing the orange open and scarfing down the individual segments, the taste is still the same here. Sure, the texture of the pieces is slightly different, smoother on the outside allow them to cohabit the bag more effectively, but the distinct Chocolate Orange taste is undeniable, and awesome. Smooth, chocolatey, with a great orange kick that makes it hard to stop eating. Of course, you also get the tingling, popping candy mixed in, making this one delicious Christmassy bag of chocolate, and one you can probably pick up for less than the entire exploding candy orange. 

My rating: 5/5

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