Sunday 1 October 2017

Today's Review: Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Cheese & Chive Crisps

Are you tired of regular old crisps, want to shake it up a bit? Well, why not try some hot crisps? Yes, these are Heat & Eat,a bag of crisps you stick in the microwave, because why not? I was pretty intrigued when I saw these, although I didn't expect much. I went for the cheese ones, despite not being overly fond of cheese crisps, because it comes with a little pot of caramelised onion chutney to dip them in. Yum. Just rip open the bag, blitz for 30 seconds and they're good to go. I wouldn't microwave them for longer, lest they start to look like that picture on the packet there.

Hot crisps seemed a little bit of an odd idea to me, despite the fact that warm tortilla chips make nachos great. Still, despite my misgivings, these are actually pretty good. The half minute warm up time gives these an even level of warmth, and the flavour is pretty good too. It's the onion in cheese & onion that regularly puts me off, but it's substituted with chive here, so it's a pretty good creamy cheesy flavour with a nice little hint of chive flavour. The chutney is good too, although there's not too much of it, so I had to use it sparingly. Also, the uneven size of the crisps means some of them don't fit into the pot. Still, the combination of nice cheesy crisp and bold, sweet chutney makes this a surprisingly good bag of crisps. Maybe hot crisps are the new trend.

My rating: 4/5

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