Sunday 22 October 2017

Today's Review: Jacob's Cracker Crisps Roast Lamb, Rosemary & Mint

I tried out the Jacob's roast beef Cracker Crisps last month, and found them much to my liking. Turns out they weren't done with the festive season though, as we have this roast lamb, rosemary and mint flavour. I can't say I was keen on having mint in my crisps, but I had faith after the last one turned out so well. Lo and behold, these taste like lamb, and like good lamb. A bold, meaty flavour that lasts throughout, paired with a great herby rosemary that doesn't overwhelm. The mint is subtle but effective, not strong, but enough to give that nice mint sauce effect. Everything comes together very nicely into a great roast dinner experience. Cracker Crisps are great at layering on the flavouring, and these are no exception, delicious to the bottom of the bag, and hard to stop eating apparently.

My rating: 5/5

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