Saturday 30 September 2017

Today's Review: Quick Water Magic Sippers

You may have seen Quick Milk straws lining the shelves at Poundworld, those straws filled with suspicious looking pellets that turn milk into vaguely milkshake-like flavours as it travels through. Well, the fun doesn't stop there, now you can get that experience with a plain old glass of water, with these Quick Water Magic Sippers.

The same rules apply, just stick the straw in the cup, and suck to your heart's content. They come in tropical and peach flavours, so I guess they're a little different from your regular cordial offerings. But still, these seem a little unnecessary. It takes some effort to get the water up the straw, and even then the flavour is fleeting. It starts off pretty intense, and a little sickly, and only just mellows out a little before it's gone completely. Even in a small cup of water, after a few sucks there's nothing more to get out of the straw. This just seems like a very awkward way of flavouring up your water, with so many squash options on the market already. These are a novelty for sure, but not a nice one.

My rating: 1/5