Tuesday 2 May 2017

Today's Review: Naipo Shiatsu Pillow Massager

My back hurts. I've come to accept it as one of those things, there's just this one spot on my back that hurts when I press it, just underneath my shoulder blade. It's not a debilitating thing, I'm sure some form of professional massage would do it good, but I rarely have the time or money to go out somewhere and have it attended to. I bought a handheld massager a while back, and while it's fairly nice, it requires a lot of effort and manoeuvring to get it to the right spot. I hadn't really considered buying a different form of massager, but I was pretty excited when the folks at Naipo reached out and offered me this pillow massager to try out. 

It's a pillow sized device with two sets of two massaging nodules, which you can place pretty much anywhere to receive a pre-programmed massage. Under the legs, on your neck, or sandwiched between your back and a chair. Not only that, it heats up too, look at that satisfying glow:

So yes, it looks pretty sleek and comfortable, but how does it perform? Well, it's ridiculously easy to use, just plug it in, position it where you want and push the button. Then it'll go to work on its 20 minute program. Basically the nodes rotate in opposing directions, going to town on whatever muscles are in the way. The nodes are a very decent size, and gives a deep rub that gives me that satisfying pain I associate with a good massage. After a minute, the nodes go the opposite way, so it really gets to all those nooks and crannies and gives a nice coverage. The heat builds up to a nice level as well, and all in all it gives a very satisfying massage. Normally after a go with my handheld one, my back is aching for more, but this pillow is easy to get in just the right spot, and after a 20 minute cycle I feel pretty limber and satisfied. 

Here it is attached to a chair, which is also pretty easy. There's an elasticated velcro strap on the back that can be adjusted to fit onto a chair of your choosing. Not only that, it comes bundled with a cigarette lighter attachment, so you can plug it into the car, attach it to your seat and receive a massage while you drive! I haven't tried that one yet, but I'm severely tempted.

I can't fault this massager, it reaches everywhere I need it to, and provides a deep, satisfying massage. I think there's a reason why this is a #1 seller on Amazon, and it's on offer now, so I recommend you grab it. I've been using it daily since I got it, and I'm sure I'll be using it for a long time to come.

My rating: 5/5


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