Monday 23 February 2015

Today's Review: Ben & Jerry's Greek Style Vanilla Honey Caramel

I know these Ben & Jerry's Greek Style flavours have been out for a while. Hell, I reviewed one 10 months ago. But I bought some of the vanilla honey caramel at a bargain price from Farm Foods a little while back, and since I was polishing it off tonight I thought I should transcribe my thoughts. Review it, if you will. This is something of a bland sounding flavour, and I guess it's in keeping with the "healthy" theme I think the tub is attempting to portray. It's Greek style, which I guess sounds healthy nowadays, and it's also frozen yoghurt, which we all know is mega healthy. Honey's good too, right? Or it that just for sore throats?

Well, yes, this is healthier than the regular chocolate or peanut butter laden tubs we're used to from Ben and Jerry. But it's still a little naughty. The vanilla frozen yoghurt is the main event here, and it's very smooth and creamy, with a lovely texture that's consistent throughout. The vanilla flavour is quite bold, but in the end it is vanilla, and it can be a little bland. Thankfully the swirls are there to help you out, and they add a lovely bit of sweetness to the tub. The honey is smooth, while the caramel is heavy, but sweet. They're quite nicely spread throughout the tub, so there wasn't any particular spoonful that was too sickly. There were a few that simply consisted of the frozen yoghurt though, so those weren't too great. But hey, if you're after a more decadent experience, you shouldn't go for the flavour with "vanilla" in the title. This is by no means the best tub of Ben & Jerry's out there, but it's a lighter tasting treat that I certainly enjoyed. It doesn't offer too much, but what it does it does well.

My rating: 4/5

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