Friday 10 July 2015

Today's Review: Tesco Giant Custard Cream

Do you like custard creams? Sure you do. You know what's better than a regular custard cream? A giant custard cream. Well, I guess that's the idea behind this monstrosity. I've seen mega sized biscuits before in Costa, so the Tesco offering is nothing new. But it certainly has a nicer price tag at just 85p.

How can I describe this? It's a giant custard cream, that's all it is. Two big biscuit slabs with custard flavouring, with a healthy dollop of creamy stuff inside. The translation to a bigger size is actually pulled off pretty well. The ratios are intact, so there's enough cream to help you make your way through the biscuit. Unfortunately, the biscuit isn't quite as nice as the smaller version. It's slightly soft, and lacks that satisfying initial crunch that your average pack of custard creams offers. It's still nice, it does still have that slightly crunchy texture throughout, it's just a little bit off. Worth picking up though, but at a hefty 436 calories you'll probably only want the one. I'm not sure how easily you could dunk it on your tea either.

My rating: 4/5


  1. I want to try this! I'm a big fan of custard creams! I saw the price sticker in a local Tesco store but unfortunately they were all sold out and I haven't been able to find any since!

  2. By photographing this without a hand or finger for size reference, I'm not actually sure if this is a real article? I hope it is , a big custard cream would make the world a better place