Monday 22 October 2012

Today's Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Being distinctly un-American, I know some amount of Abraham Lincoln, but probably not as much as those guys across the pond do. Thankfully, my knowledge has increased due to this educational film, which taught me certain facts about the president's life and struggles, especially the part about all those vampires he slayed.

Okay, I know he didn't really hunt vampires, but hey, history is boring, right? So this movie spices up the otherwise bland details of Abe's early life by interspersing it with him learning how to hunt the vampires that killed his mother through a series of montages. We go through all the key stages of his life, from meeting his future wife to signing the emancipation proclamation, but it's made much more awesome by him periodically wielding an axe and chopping dudes' heads off.

Still, the two parts of his life, the real and the imaginary, aren't really gelled together too well, not that I see how it would be possible to do it perfectly. So while we get treated to several kick ass vampire fights in the first half, Abe suddenly seems to get bored and decides to free the slaves instead. Still, it picks up again soon after, and the action scenes are pretty impressive, with stampeding horses and trains used to full effect.

So yes, I had fun watching this. Sure, the vampires seemed a little disjointed from the history, but I can say I learned a few things about Mr. Lincoln, even if I have to verify them first. Also, Abe grows the beard way too late into the movie. There should have been more beard. Still, this is an entertaining watch, especially if you like watching presidents fight against supernatural entities. It will keep you happy until George Washington: Werewolf Slayer or Barack Obama Vs. Zombie Cultists. Oh, wait...

My rating: 4/5

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