Monday 15 October 2012

Today's Review: Haribo Halloween Cupcake

Let the Halloween build up continue. This time we have a Haribo Halloween cupcake, because nothing says "scary" like cupcakes. But wait, the frosting is orange, and there are gummy sweets on top! I got a witch, a broom, a spider and a skeleton. You are forgiven, Haribo.

For guys that normally churn out chewy sweets, the cake isn't bad. There's a generous amount of frosting, and the cake itself is light and fluffy. It's topped with sweets too, so there's an extra bonus. Or is it a curse? I'll say the latter. They're two consistencies that don't mix well. The sweet takes a while to chew through, while the rest of the cake disintegrates and kind of sloshes around your mouth, distracting you from the chewy goodness at hand. Plus, the combining flavours of the frosting and sweets isn't that great. I'd have much preferred these cakes without the novelty toppings. But hey, then they couldn't be Halloween related, right? Oh Haribo, you make weird decisions.

My rating: 2/5

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