Sunday 7 October 2012

Today's Review: People Who Complain About Shops Selling Christmas Products Early

Well, it's October now, and that means the supermarkets and various other stores gearing up for Christmas. So out comes the wrapping paper, Christmas cards, advent calendars, festive food, you name it, they've got it. They've probably had them since September to be honest. Some find it annoying, some may think it's too much. But you know what's more annoying than seeing Christmas stuff around at this time of year? Hearing people complain about seeing Christmas stuff around at this time of year. 

Seriously, I can barely think of worse things to complain about, and I work at a Tesco where the majority of my complaints are about how the queuing system goes the wrong way. At least they're somewhat justified, they have to actually wait in the queue. But in what way is a selection of Christmassy items so reprehensible? Here's an idea. If you're not ready to start buying for Christmas, don't do it. Are these people so weak willed that the moment they see a tub of Cheeselets they're somehow compelled to load their trolleys against their will? 

I suppose I get it somewhat. People don't want Christmas to be the focus for a quarter of the year. But those people are clearly grinches. I think Christmas is awesome, and because we don't make a lot of money to splooge in less than a month, my fiancĂ©e starts buying Christmas presents in summer. Take that, Christmas haters. We'll be done by November, while you are rushing around on Christmas Eve for that new Furby that somehow costs £60. 

So really, these people should stop complaining. The only places I really see Christmas stuff at this time of year is in the seasonal sections, and guess what? This is a pretty big seasonal occasion. It takes a lot of preparation. Christmas is designed to bleed us dry by promoting the ideals that not only do we need to spend a large amount on presents for everyone we supposedly care about, but we also have to spend the whole day with them and feed them as much food as they'd normally eat in a week. If anything, that's what we should be complaining about, not the fact that they're trying to get a good head start on raping our wallets.

My rating: 1/5

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