Wednesday 10 October 2012

Today's Review: Cornetto Enigma: Cookie

Ooh, what an enigma this ice cream is. What could possibly be lurking inside? Read the ingredients and you'll find out. Food standards has no place for mystery these days.

Still, Walls have soldiered on with what they've got. Here is a new addition to the Cornetto line, in a few flavours, but obviously nothing can beat cookies. It's pretty simple, but effective. It's the normal Cornetto ice cream, but with some cookie chunks thrown in, and quite liberally too. Every bite is crunchy and delicious, and when you get through all that, you reach the enigma. It's a chocolatey core, much like the ones you'll find in Ben & Jerry's Core ice creams. It's rich, creamy, and quite a nice surprise after you get through the ice cream protecting it, even though it doesn't extend all the way into the cone as the picture implies.

This certainly is a tasty Cornetto, with a nice surprise under the surface. Creamy, chocolatey, cookie-ey? Whatever, it's awesome.

My rating: 5/5

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