Saturday 20 April 2013

Today's Review: Peperami

Have you ever been going about your daily business, and instead of craving a regular snack like biscuits or crisps, all you've really wanted is a cured salami stick? If the answer is yes, you've probably grabbed a Peperami, or suffered in sorrowful hunger if you've never heard of them.

Peperamis are quite weird snacks. Even weirder than cheese based ones. Cheesestrings and Mini Babybel do a good job of snackifying those, but this is just a sausage, in a packet. Still, it does the job nicely. Take off that wrapper and the condom like sausage sheath, and you will be exposed to a dried, substantially meaty length of salami, that is spiced just right and curbs the appetite. Peperamis are different, and satisfying, and one of my choice snack foods at the moment. 

My rating: 5/5

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