Saturday 27 April 2013

Today's Review: Icing Sugar

I made some cakes with the kids today, which while it can get messy, is containable, because I am in charge of doling out the ingredients. Sugar, flour, eggs, all ended up nicely in the bowl (apart from the egg I dropped, but I'll ignore that). But once the cakes were baked, it was of course time to ice them, and that's where things got complicated, because I had to use icing sugar.

Icing sugar is basically sugar in a powdered form. This means that when you pour it from the box, instead of falling in a nice stream, it is often akin to releasing some kind of chemical bomb. I wish I could say that my experiences with icing sugar have made it easier for me to pour out, but every time I use it my kitchen looks like it's being dusted for prints. But not only is icing sugar messy, the very nature of it means that I can never pour it out just the once, I have to keep doing it again and again. When making rudimentary icing by combining icing sugar and water, I am pretty certain it's impossible to get the levels right. No matter how little water I fill the bowl up with, every time I pour out what I assume to be the right amount of icing sugar, it promptly disappears into the void, leaving me with an unsatisfactory consistency. More and more sugar is poured, more escapes into the atmosphere, and by the time I have a nice gloopy mixture it looks like it's snowed inside. I don't like you, icing sugar. You may be a key component in tasty cake toppings and fillings, but I certainly don't condone your methods.

My rating: 1/5

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