Thursday 18 April 2013

Today's Review: Tab

There was one thing that I took away from my trip to Cyber Candy, although it was nothing thrilling. It was a can of Tab, the outdated diet drink that is somehow still in production. It was first introduced in 1963, and marketed as a way to keep "tabs" on your weight. How clever. But with the introduction of Diet Coke, and all its variants, Tab has pretty much taken a backseat, and while it's still somehow in demand, it's not that common nowadays, hence why I had to go to an import candy store to get some.

With that brief history out of the way, I probably haven't left you with a good first impression. But that's okay, because Tab isn't great. It certainly doesn't have that distinct Coke flavour that you still get somewhat with Diet Coke, Tab is its own drink, and I'm not sure what it's supposed to taste like, and the boring pink can doesn't really give any indication. It's certainly drinkable, but it just tastes like a bland diet drink. Not very enjoyable at all. I'll just stick with the Diet Coke.

My rating: 1/5

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