Monday 15 April 2013

Today's Review: My Baby Not Letting Me Write My Review

I normally leave my reviews until the last minute, unless I'm absolutely sure what I want to write about, but even then I tend to do it pretty late in the day. Right now, the time is 11:48pm, and I've been wondering what to write about for a good ten minutes now. Normally I'd be able to stroll around, pluck an idea out of thin air. But my baby is not letting me do that.

She's awake, and crying. She may be a little hungry, but she's not due a feed anytime soon. So my only option is to rub her back, put her in different positions and hope that she'll drift off to sleep. Unfortunately, all this baby holding is putting a severe damper on my writing ability. As I write this, I have a baby resting in my arms, in various different positions. If she stays in the same place too long, the crying starts and I really can't concentrate with that going on.

Perhaps this is a lesson for me to learn. To get my review writing out of the way while the day is young and the baby is asleep. Because I sure as hell can't create anything worth reading while there's a screaming infant around.

My rating: 0/5

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