Monday 29 April 2013

Today's Review: Typing With One Hand

With minutes left to write this review and a screaming baby to feed, it seemed somewhat impossible to type anything out. But after manoeuvring myself in order to get one hand free I can finally give it a go.

Really, if you're going to type, you should probably do it with two hands. Typing with one hand is slower, and it's clearly hard to reach some keys while pushing the Shift key. For some reason I've been more prone to making mistakes while writing this too, perhaps because my left hand isn't used to all these fancy foreign letters on the right hand side.

But flaws aside, fear not, one handed people, for it is entirely possible to type on a regular keyboard with just one hand. It may have taken me over five minutes, but I still managed to churn this out. I wouldn't recommend typing with one hand when you could use two though.

My rating: 2/5

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