Saturday 9 November 2013

Today's Review: Mrs. Renfro's Raspberry Chipotle & Mango Habanero Salsa

I travelled to London the other day, and visited the branch of Whole Foods that is close to Camden Town station. I was there for one thing, and one thing only, another flavour of Mrs. Renfro's salsa. Well, two things, actually, I needed something to dip into the salsa. But that goes without saying.

You see, a couple of months back, I ventured into Whole Foods and was very surprised with its Tardis-like nature. The store stretches pretty far back, and the shelves filled with organic, fancy, quite expensive products (compared to my average Tesco shop that is). But I didn't want something simply organic, I wanted something interesting, and right near the back of the store, I found Mrs. Renfro's Mango Habanero Salsa:

Fruity and spicy? Sign me up. I'm not normally a fan of salsa. It's rarely that spicy, and the chunks kind of throw me off, but this jar seemed to be offering me a higher tier salsa experience, and that it did. The habanero is certainly the star of the show, making every mouthful spicy, but not enough to burn your face off. The quality of the ingredients must be top notch as well, as all the chunks just added to the overall experience. As for the mango, beautifully done. There's just a distinct fruity undertone that is always lurking, but takes over once the initial spiciness has worn off. The spicy and sweet don't vie for your attention, they work together perfectly. It's probably the best salsa I'd tasted in a long time.

So after that experience, I was eager to get back to Whole Foods and see what else Mrs. Renfro had to offer. I passed up on the ghost chilli (next time, oh yes, next time), and went for the above pictured Raspberry Chipotle. Obviously not as spicy as the Mango Habanero, but I love raspberries, so I had to give it a go. I have to say, this variety was flawless too. The salsa has a lasting spicy kick that doesn't overwhelm the tastebuds, while the raspberry provides a lovely fruity flavour throughout, mixing in wonderfully with the tomatoes and peppers. If you like salsa, Mrs. Renfro's flavours are a must. Even if you don't like salsa, try them anyway, because they're delicious.

My rating: 5/5

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