Wednesday 27 November 2013

Today's Review: Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis

Christmas means Terry's Chocolate Orange. Don't ask me why, I'd gladly eat them any time of the year, but they only seem to come out in force during the winter months. There are several flavours of Chocolate Orange, and they are all awesome, and they are also available in individually wrapped "Segsations" if you don't trust yourself not to eat the entire orange in one sitting (a very real danger). But this year heralds the arrival of Chocolate Orange Minis, a new way to experience your Chocolate Orange... by making them mini.

I passed up on these for a while, as since I have already tried the original oranges and Segsations many times before, I didn't think there'd be much new on offer with this pack. These Minis are basically the Chocolate Orange equivalent of all those Cadbury pouches that have been brought out in recent years. Many small pieces of chocolate orange, and with no wrappers either, so you can just go ahead and empty the bag into your face with no fear of choking on plastic. But how do they taste?

Well, I was right in my assumption that these will being nothing new to the table. They are literally small pieces of chocolate orange. But that doesn't make them bad, in fact, quite the opposite, it's still the same tasty Chocolate Orange we know and love, just presented in a different way. These are great for sharing, and at least you don't have to break the thing open to start eating. I just hope that next year they bring out some Minis with some of the other Chocolate Orange flavours.

My rating: 5/5

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