Sunday 24 November 2013

Today's Review: Hoods

Winter is coming, and the cold is setting in. It's time to wrap up warm, and most will opt for a coat with a hood. But not I.

Hoods are great in theory. They're attached to the top of your coat, hoodie, or whatever type of clothing they've decided to add a hood to, and is easily accessible for pulling up over the head to protect from the elements. Raining? No problem. Snow? Well, that's just frozen rain, so still not a problem. Slightly cold head? Yeah, a hood has you covered. Literally. Har har.

But, however good hoods may be at covering heads, they just don't work for me. First of all, most don't fully cover my head all the time, so there's always the danger of my fringe getting wet, or the thing eventually slipping off altogether. But that's nothing compared to the way hoods limit my vision. I rely a lot on my peripheral vision, especially when keeping an eye on my wayward, straggling kids. With a hood on, it's like instant tunnel vision. If I can't see either side of me it frustrates me to no end, so while I may be getting soaked from the rain, it takes a lot to get me to concede and put my hood up.

Hoods suck. While they may be convenient and relatively effective, I just can't see right while I'm wearing one. You know what's better than hoods? Hats. Whole head coverage with none of the sight restrictions. Even if I'm wearing something with a hood, I'm likely to take a hat. I really don't like hoods.

My rating: 1/5

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