Sunday 3 November 2013

Today's Review: Refreshers Mallow Rolls

Not content with turning Refreshers into squashy, chewy sweets, Barratt have also decided to transform their fizzy delights into marshmallow form. I don't eat marshmallows too often, but these looked too good to pass up. Thinking about it, I don't ever remember eating flavoured marshmallows, and these boast orange and lemon flavour all in one. They certainly live up to their "Rolls" name as well, with the nice rings of colour throughout each marshmallow.

As for the taste? Pretty nice actually. They're very sweet, and certainly not perfect, but they are as soft and squishy as marshmallows should be. The fruity flavours are pretty nice, and mix with the marshmallow to give an almost lemon meringue-like taste. Sadly, they lack any of the fizziness that makes Refreshers great, but it's still a good effort to give us a new product, and they're certainly nice enough that I couldn't stop eating them once I started.

My rating: 4/5

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