Thursday 28 November 2013

Today's Review: Fox's Vinnie's Tastes Of America Biscuits

So, Fox's have a panda mascot, who is Italian, but has released a range of American flavour inspired biscuits. Sorry, I means biscwits, obviously. It's all quite nonsensical, but hey, it means a quite nice range of new flavours, so I'm all for it. There are four flavours in total: Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams, Cherry Cheesecake Jam 'N' Cream, Mississippi Mud Pie Melts and Blueberry Muffin Party Rings. They were all equally tempting, but I couldn't justify spending that much on biscuits all at once. Thankfully, they are now all on offer for £1 each at Tesco, so it was time to chow down.

Well, Fox's have certainly selected a nice range of biscuits to Americanise, and some interesting flavours to give them. My favourites are the Mississippi Mud Pie Melts, probably because they're so damn chocolatey. While the regular version are quite crunchy, these ones have a softer texture, which matches the actual dessert. These biscuits are soft, smooth, creamy and delicious. The softer texture is also employed in the Party Rings, and coupled with the blueberry flavouring, they actually do taste like blueberry muffins.

The Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams are my close second favourite, as they maintain the crunchiness and creaminess of the original, but with a fantastic citrus twist. It didn't take me long to polish off the whole pack, and this is probably the pack with the most biscuits for your buck. Lastly, there's the Cherry Cheesecake Jam 'N' Cream, which are basically like cherry Jammie Dodgers. They're probably my least favourite, but they're still damn tasty. The cheesecake element isn't overly noticeable, but it's an overall nicely fruity experience.
So there you have it, four lovely new flavours of well established tasty biscuits. They're all tasty, so you'd better pick them up and chow down, capiche? Seriously, why a Mafia panda?

My rating: 5/5

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