Friday 25 November 2016

Today's Review: Asda Giant Pinwheel Buttons

I know these things have been around for a while, but my local Asda has been bereft of these pinwheel buttons for some time now. But finally, after a nice little shuffle around, the merchandising gods deemed it fit to line the shelves with these. So here's a quick review of them, because they're probably old news by now, and also because I just got in and it's 11:40, and I need to get this out before midnight.

These are pretty similar to Caramel Nibbles, but the chocolate is a mixture of both milk and white. The caramel surprise within is much the same, it's not bad, nicely sticky and sweet. As for the chocolate, it's not particularly great. Edible, yes, but it's not of a fantastic quality. The white suffers the most I think, and while it's somewhat creamy it's also a little chalky. I feel if the focus had been on the milk these might have been a bit better, but as they are these buttons are just pretty mediocre. A nice twist on a chocolate bag, but the Nibbles do it better.

My rating: 3/5

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