Monday 14 November 2016

Today's Review: Turkey 'N' Chips

Even if your product is exclusively based on fish and chip shop delicacies, you can still push out a Christmas flavour. Just look at these "Turkey 'n' Chips", they're Fish 'n' Chips with a turkey flavour. I know they've already released a Chicken 'n' Chips variety, so it's not exactly a great leap to get to turkey, especially in terms of crisp flavourings.

I wouldn't say these are particularly turkey flavoured, I'd go more with them tasting like gravy. It's a pretty nice gravy flavour, sure, but the turkey kind of takes a back seat. There's still a certain meatiness there, and it is reminiscent of the bird, but the after taste is predominantly gravy like, and the flavouring itself isn't exactly liberally applied. I don't know, these aren't awful, but they didn't make me think of Christmas, and they don't taste all that much of turkey, which is apparently what they were going for. If you're looking for sharing crisps in a tub this Christmas, I'd go for the classic Cheeselets or Cheese Footballs. These just aren't all that.

My rating: 2/5

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