Saturday 5 November 2016

Today's Review: Tesco Red Velvet Muffins

All other festivities are pretty much out of the way, so from now on it's all Christmas, all the time, and Tesco have updated their bakery section to reflect it. There are a few new additions, but this one stood out the most to me, despite not being overly Christmassy. These are red velvet muffins, which consist of red sponge with a cream cheese flavoured filling, and finished with a nice snowy dusting.

Looks good, right? Well, it is. The sponge is great, nice and moist, a little heavy I guess, but it's not exactly pretending to be a light snack. The dusting on top adds another layer of sweetness, and overall it's a pretty great muffin. The cream cheese filling is not so perfect, it tastes kind of accurate, but it's a little too sweet, and at times there's not quite enough of it to make a perfect balance. It's a minor thing though, on the whole this is a nice twist on the regular muffin, and it's pretty delicious. Definitely worth picking up while we're in the season.

My rating: 4/5

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