Sunday 20 November 2016

Today's Review: Emoji Gummy Sweets

Hey guys, do you like Emojis?! Do you ever put a fun picture on the end of your message and think "You know, I'd really like to eat that right now"? Well, finally your dreams have come true, because all your favourite Emojis are now available in the form of gummy sweets! Well, five of them, and they're probably not all your favourite. Most of them are faces.

Yes, four different kinds of shallowly stamped yellow faces, and a poo for good measure (there were only two poos in my pack though). As far as I can tell, each face design has a different flavour, at least there are five flavours listed on the back. The poo tastes a bit like cola, but I really couldn't really match up the faces with the flavours because all I was getting was "mildly fruit-like". There's some noticeable difference in taste, but it's just the difference between one artificial flavour and another. What's better is that these are less like gummy sweets and more like some chewier form of jelly bean. They got stuck in my teeth a lot, which is great, because I could enjoy the sub-par taste even more as I awkwardly angled my tongue to pry the pieces out. Don't eat Emojis, guys. No one loves Emojis this much.

My rating: 1/5

1 comment:

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