Thursday 24 November 2016

Today's Review: Kettle Chips Baked Camembert & Oak Smoked Garlic

Limited edition Kettle Chips flavours are always ones that I snatch off the shelf. This appears to be their offering in the lead up to Christmas, and I guess it has some pretty strong festive tones. It also seems to be simpler than the last few concoctions they've whipped up, this is basically a combination of camembert and garlic, which didn't sound bad at all.

Now, I'm not normally a fan of predominantly cheese flavoured crisps, but these aren't bad at all. There's a nice creamy hint to the cheesy flavour, and while it is fairly strong, it's also nice and sweet. I wouldn't say it's exactly like eating a block of camembert, but it's definitely a nicer experience than other cheese flavoured crisps. The garlic is a nice addition too, a smoky undertone that stops the cheese from being too overwhelming, and that stays around nicely in the aftertaste. The camembert still wins out a little, there could be a bit more garlic in there, but all in all it's a good combination of flavours that forms a bag of crisps that's simple, yet effective.

My rating: 4/5


  1. great review! I've been trying to work my way through Kettle Brand Chips but haven't seen these yet (in NYC) where does the "sweet" come from? Does Camembert have a sweetness? I've never had it. - Hugh Gallon Hungry Dads Podcast.

    1. Camembert is like brie, so yes, it has a sweetness. Do you get the mozzarella and pesto ones in NYC?