Wednesday 30 November 2016

Today's Review: TGI Fridays Extreme Heat Crunchy Fries

Tesco's American section is a nice little addition to the store. It's not the most extensive range of products, but there's often something there that I haven't tried before, and for a somewhat reasonable price. I picked up this bag of Crunchy Fries from TGI Fridays, which promised me extreme heat, which is nice, because that's one of my favourite flavours.

You may be able to ascertain this from the picture, but these aren't like actual french fries. They're crisps, very similar in texture to Chipsticks. As such, they're pretty decent, a nice maize crisp with a good crunch to it, and the texture allows the flavouring to seep through. These aren't the hottest of crisps, I probably wouldn't put the word "extreme" on there, but there's a lingering heat that is nicely spread throughout the sticks, there's not one mouthful that's without flavour. It's just a shame that the flavour's a little subdued. Still, that might just be me and my love of intense heat talking, this is a good bag to snack on, that has a somewhat decent level of spice.

My rating: 4/5

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