Thursday 1 December 2016

Today's Review: Tango Popping Candy

More, more Tango sweets! This time they're tackling popping candy, and I found this 12 pack in a QD Stores. What's interesting about this multi-pack though is that it comes in four different flavours. There are the classic drink flavours of orange, apple and cherry, as well as the blue raspberry that has been used in their other sweets.

I have to say, this is some fantastic popping candy. I've had a few brands over the years that are a little lacklustre, and this stuff feels almost explosive in comparison. As soon as it hit my tongue I was greeted with an intense fizzing, and some of the pops were so big they hurt a little. That's what popping candy should be in my book. On top of that, the flavours are great. The orange, apple and cherry are very faithful to the drinks, great fruity tones that last throughout the popping experience. The blue raspberry is good too, with a sour hint to it that's just great. I was mightily impressed with this stuff, this is one popping candy that I'd highly recommend.

My rating: 5/5

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