Monday 5 December 2016

Today's Review: Mr. Kipling Bumble Bee Slices

Amidst the onslaught of Christmas themed cakes that Mr. Kipling likes to pump out at this time of year, I managed to find a pack of cake slices that I haven't seen around before, despite them apparently having been out for months. My local Tesco is a bit slow off the bat apparently, as these Bumble Bee Slices are much better suited for the warmer months. The bee reference is two-fold, one because they're honey flavoured, and the other because they're also chocolatey, resulting in stripes. Clever, eh?

I won't say that chocolate and honey is a strange combination, I mean, just look at the Crunchie, that's fantastic. In this case, however, I would say it's not particularly well thought out. The packaging says these are chocolate flavour, but I could hardly detect it over the honey. The honey element itself isn't too bad, it tastes like honey, but pretty much like if someone had just dipped a cake into a jar of the stuff. These slices are very sweet, and the honey flavour sticks around for a while after. It's not a bad taste, but it is a little overpowering, and a bit sickly. If the chocolate part were bumped up a little there might be more to write home about, but as they are these slices aren't great. Just a honey flavoured cake.

My rating: 3/5

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