Wednesday 7 December 2016

Today's Review: McDonald's Festive Cheese Feast

It's winter, and that can mean only one thing. Cheese, apparently. This is McDonald's offering for the festive season, featuring both cheese and cheese sauce, for all your cheesy needs. Aside from the cheese there's the good old beef patty, lettuce and onions, and some bacon thrown in for good measure. 

Okay, so it just sounds like a bacon cheeseburger with extra cheese, and basically that's what it is. But it's actually pulled off pretty well. The beef patty is of a higher quality than the kind you'd get in your Big Mac, and the bacon has a nice smoked flavour to it. The lettuce is, well, just lettuce, but the onions are nice sizeable chunks that have been grilled pretty well. Still, while all those elements are very nice, there's not much outstanding about them. Thankfully the cheese is pretty well represented, the sauce is a nice light, creamy experience, and it helps to bring all the other ingredients together. Not an amazing, one of a kind burger, but this is a nice cheesy offering that provides a festive feeling.

My rating: 4/5

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