Friday 23 December 2016

Today's Review: Shloer Mango & Passion Fruit

I spied this interestingly coloured Shloer nestled amongst the other bottles on offer at Tesco. It says it's a limited edition, but I'm not sure exactly when it came out, because mango and passion fruit doesn't really sound like a festive flavour. But hey, I like a bit of tropical, so I snapped this one up.

It wasn't until after I tasted this that I realised it was also sugar free, but it turns out that's pretty noticeable from the taste. It's got that definite sweetener flavour, and it really overshadows the fruity elements. The mango and passion fruit really aren't that well defined, there's a hint of fruit, sure, but coupled with the sweetener it just tastes like some kind of white wine, a bad white wine. Shloer is pretty much there to emulate wine in a soft drink, so I'm not sure why they went for a mango and passion fruit, and then made it sugar free. Those fruits deserve a bold, sweet flavour, and it's just not in this bottle. Not very nice stuff.

My rating: 1/5

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