Wednesday 3 January 2018

Today's Review: E. Wedel Supreme Raspberry Jaffa Cakes

Off brand jaffa cakes rarely stack up to the McVitie's classics, but this pack drew my attention yesterday as it had a nice big raspberry on the front. Yes, these are raspberry jaffa cakes, and forgiving the fact that the "jaffa" part is meant to refer to oranges, I had to give them a try.

Well, these aren't as good as McVitie's, that's for sure. They're different though, and it's nice to see a different flavour sandwiched between cake disc and chocolate. The sponge part is fairly firm, a little dry, but there's enough flavour in the jelly part to make it less bland. As for the chocolate, it's quite dark, and has a good snap to it, but I feel milk chocolate would have blended with the other flavours quite well. So while these add in a nice, different fruity flavour, the rest of the cake doesn't quite stack up. Worth a try, but nothing special.

My rating: 3/5


  1. E. Wedel do really good chocolate bars~ my polish work colleague says it's a really popular brand in Poland! I love the panna cotta filled bar and creme brulee filled bar! :)

    Another Polish confectionery bar I highly recommend is the "Princessa" wafer bar, especially the coconut~ it is so good! ^_^

  2. I've actually wondered about these! Thanks.

  3. I'm Polish ad grew up eating Wedel Jaffa cakes, this and other flavours. I now live in the UK and my view is opposite to yours, I think the McVittie's Jaffa cakes are awful (too sweet being one of the reasons). I like other Jaffa cakes from Wedel, esp the blueberry with dark chocolate, which is one of the newer flavours (I don't like the white choc one though). Clearly it shows how often what we liked growing up with stays with us :-)