Saturday 6 January 2018

Today's Review: Shoulders

We sure do have a lot of useful body parts, organs, digits, facial features, they all help us stay alive and perform a wide variety of tasks. But there are some parts of the body that I don't immediately think of as useful, and shoulders is one of them. Shoulders have a clear, direct purpose, being the anchor points for the joints that let you move your arms. That's how they evolved, and that's how they're mainly used.

But shoulders are even more useful than that, and I feel their full potential wasn't unlocked through evolution alone. There are functions that shoulders have only come about through modern advances. We can use our shoulders to hold the phone to our ear when we want to use our hands for something else. We can use our shoulders to give a non-committal shrug that only comes from having a wealth of options available and not really wanting to do any of them. We can use our shoulders to barge into doors in a futile attempt to open them at inopportune times.

So yeah, shoulders are great. An essential part of the body that seem to get more useful as we progress as a species. Maybe in the future we'll do everything with our shoulders. Probably not though...

My rating: 5/5

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  1. were you high when you wrote this? haha (on sugar not drugs...)