Monday 22 January 2018

Today's Review: Awfully Posh Hot Chilli Pork Crackling

Here's a quick review of a nice looking bag of pork crackling I picked up the other day. It's "awfully posh", as evidenced by the monocle, but I didn't see how it was much different from your regular fried pork rind. To be fair though, it is better than a generic bag. I prefer the "pork crunch" to the crackling, as it's easier on the teeth. Thankfully this stuff leans more towards the crunch, each piece is easily chomped down to size, and it unleashes a decent, lingering heat that kicks up the flavour. It's not scorchingly hot, as the packet promises, but it's nice to see pork crackling with a bit of flavour. It's not too overwhelming, although there could be more spice to take the edge off that pork fat taste. Still, this is one of the better bags of pork crackling I've had. Definitely one I'd try again.

My rating: 4/5

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