Thursday 18 January 2018

Today's Review: Smarties Orange Mini Eggs

The Easter products are out in full force, though I haven't yet found many new ones floating around. I did pick up this bag of Smarties mini eggs though, and they're all orange! I know Smarties have done singular coloured packets of their regular ones before, but these eggs boast an orange flavoured shell, essentially making them chocolate orange mini eggs.

I wasn't sure what the effect of putting the orange in the shell rather than the chocolate would be. Turns out it doesn't harm them too much, though it does affect the balance a bit. As soon as i bit into the chocolate shell, I was met with a bold, almost overpowering orange flavour. It's probably a bit too sweet, but the regular chocolate inside does quite a bit to absorb the flavour and mix everything up. Still, it's not perfect, this is no Chocolate Orange we're talking about here. The orange in these mini eggs could be better, more natural tasting, but once you'd chewed through a few of these the chocolate and orange blends together quite nicely, making a pretty nice tasting bag of mini eggs. Grab them while they're still around.

My rating: 4/5

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