Friday 19 January 2018

Today's Review: Windows Updates

I just tried to boot up my laptop to knock out this review, only to be greeted with an update screen. It's been stuck on 100% for a while now, and there's no end in sight. Such is the consistency in quality of Windows updates. I used to be a Mac man, until I had to spend my money on feeding my family instead. So to go from the smooth updates undertaken at my own pace to the Windows version is entirely painful. 

It starts simply enough. Windows lets you know there are updates to be had. You can choose to "snooze" them or do it right away. But despite me hitting the snooze button a few times, it seems Windows has gone and done it anyway, leaving me without a computer at a crucial moment. I'm sure the computer knows what it's doing. It seems to slow to a crawl, only to update when I restart it out of sheer frustration. These updates take a long time as well, so it's not like a nice little patch that's done in seconds, it's a long, annoying slog. Get it together, Windows. Make your updates more user friendly. 

My rating: 1/5

1 comment:

  1. I HATE this about new windows - the well i can't wait any longer im going to shut down all your shit and restart and update anyway. i HATE it. I leave my computer on sleep because i dont like having to log into everything every time i start up (i am admin on quite a few things for a small cat rescue so i have to have that in an incognito window so it doesnt clash with my personal log ins) - but i hate it when it just restarts anyway and i end up either losing things cos i was not prepared (writing things in notepad etc) or it does a weird half start up thing and i get up in the morning to see its started itself and been wasting my electricity all night (i've just moved from a flat, and when i was in the flat, this used to wake me up cos of the bright screen i could see dow the hallway to my lounge).

    i tried turning updates off entirely to stop this but in the end i couldnt access the internet and then had to do MASSIVE update to compensate for not updating for so long.

    but argh, i hate it so much, this last one, usually when i press 'sleep' it says "restart and install updates" so i at least know its likely and i need to update it soon, but it didnt say that but still did it's magic update.. grrrr

    can you tell im annoyed hahaha sorry for rant.