Monday 16 September 2013

Today's Review: Tesco Sour Cherry & Pomegranate Gummies

When Tesco bring out their own brand of food, it's easy for them to fall into the old groove of churning out products that are just like previously existing brand names. We get Malt Wheats instead of Shreddies, Dr. Fizz instead of Dr. Pepper, and... Jaffa Cakes instead of Jaffa Cakes? Huh, guess that name isn't trademarked.

Anyway, with all the knock offs around the place, I was quite surprised to see this little bag of treats sitting on the shelf. Sour cherry and pomegranate flavoured gummy sweets, certainly an interesting combination of flavours. They look nice too, tiny little dark purple cherries. They're soft, squidgy, and have a lovely smell.

But how do they taste? Well, pretty damn good. They're certainly not too sour, but there's a nice tang to go with the bold cherry flavour. The pomegranate is a slightly more subdued taste, but is definitely noticeable, and adds a nice layer to these already tasty little gummies. So well done, Tesco. An original idea that is pulled off very nicely. Fruity, squidgy, and juicy, these are certainly worth a try.

My rating: 5/5


  1. Fabulous review. Totally agree. Big up the sour cherry and pomegranates.

  2. WOAH UNREAL! So excited to try this… thanks for the recipe!
    Cherry Gummys