Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Today's Review: Memory Foam Pillows

As I lay in bed, thinking about what I could possibly review without having to leave my warm cocoon, it suddenly struck me. What helps me sleep every night? What supports me in my time of need? What is propping my head up right now so I can comfortably type this out? My memory foam pillow of course.

Many people I've talked to have not claimed to have a fondness for memory foam pillows. Too hard, they say. Too big, they say. But to those people, I say shut your dirty mouth. I've had feather pillows, I've had springy pillows, but they all pale in comparison to the big hunk of wonder that moulds perfectly to my head shape. Never have I had to pay down my pillow to force it back into a comfy arrangement, I've only ever turned it over for temperature purposes. Once my head hits this pillow, I find it extremely difficult to stay awake, but I'm holding on now for you guys. As for it being too big, I have pretty broad shoulders, so as someone who sleeps on his side this is really the only pillow that allows me to sleep without bending my neck downwards.

I love memory foam pillows. They lie in wait for me all day, and finally greet me with their firm, loving grasp to deliver me to the land of nod, and that is where I'm heading now.

My rating: 5/5


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  3. A few typos. "shit your dirty mouth" ahem...

    1. Blimey, good catch. Shouldn't write these things half asleep in bed...

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