Friday 13 March 2015

Today's Review: Walkers Mixups Cheese Snacks Mix

This is most likely the last of the Mixups range I'll be reviewing, there are a few more varieties out there, but I think I've seen enough to pass fair judgement. I wasn't overly tempted by this bag of assorted cheese crisps, and instead I couldn't wait to tuck into the spicy version. However, since that one was disappointing, I thought I might as well give this one a go to see if the range could redeem itself. This bag of Mixups contains the classic Wotsits and cheesy Doritos, as well as some interesting new offerings in the form of cheese French Fries and Monster Munch.

Unlike the spicy bag, the well established crisps in this pack are much the same as their individually sold counterparts. The Wotsits are wonderfully cheesy, and the Doritos are bold and crunchy. The Monster Munch is perhaps the most interesting addition, I certainly wouldn't expect a cheese flavour when biting into a big hunk of monster claw, but what I got was distinctly cheesy. It's perhaps a little too strong for my liking, but it works quite well with the chunkiness of the crisp, meaning it certainly didn't become bland while eating. Even the French Fries impressed me, seeing as I'm not a fan of the cheese and onion flavour, the subtraction of the onion was a bonus. They are probably the blandest offering here, but they still have a fair amount of flavour, and do well to round out the overall cheesiness of the pack.

These cheesy Mixups are certainly better than the spicy ones, as much as I would have preferred it to be the other way round. Even though I'm not overly fond of cheese crisps, these ones went down a treat, with a good mix of classics and new varieties that vary in size and texture. They're not perfect, but they're pretty good.

My rating: 4/5


  1. My partner and I much prefered the spicy ones. These ones were pretty average.

  2. Love these! BEST ' Munch that I have found !
    ONE problem? I eat too many - can't stop !