Friday 1 September 2017

Today's Review: Bounty Soft Baked Cookies

Love chocolate bars? Love cookies? Thankfully there have been many efforts to marry the two over the years, mostly based on Mars chocolate, including the Twix and Mars cookies available in the bakery aisle. Now you can find a couple more products in the biscuit aisle too, in the shape of soft baked cookies based on Bounty and Galaxy.

These Bounty ones contain chocolate pieces and coconut, wrapped up in soft cookie, and I must say it's a pretty good effort. The cookie is nice and chewy, with a fair amount of coconut mixed in that adds a great hit of flavour. The chocolate chips round it off to complete the Bounty experience with a bit of creaminess, but they're not particularly plentiful. The coconut is the predominant flavour throughout, which isn't a bad thing, but with more chocolate I think these would be pretty perfect. A good entrance into the soft baked cookie market (a very specific market, I know).

My rating: 4/5

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